KG-MTI Overview

About us

As the company Weddel & Co. GmbH® was founded in 1921 no one could foresee that it had laid a cornerstone for almost a 100 years’ tradition in trade.  Our current managing director Dietrich Rackebrandt gathered his first experience in international food trade starting from 1977 at Weddel & Co.

After very quickly having taken over a responsible position there he contributed crucially to over decades’ success of the company and finally made it to one of the top trading addresses in international food branch. In 2002 Mr.  Rackebrandt decided to bring his experience into the company KG MTI-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. that emerged from Weddel & Co and thus to face challenges and chances of globalization. Today KG MTI is a Hanseatically oriented enterprise with a young international team and numerous representatives. The internationality of the team enables best possible solutions adjusted to the individual needs of according markets and our clients.

Apart from that our team can take advantage of the partners‘ network in order to immediately capture current market trends on almost all continents around the world.

Nowadays we operate in Hamburg as an international trading company with almost 100 years‘ experience. After having placed our focus on raw meat in the first years of company‘s activities in the recent years we extended our product range with fish, poultry, vegetables and grain. We supply our customers with these products in over 40 countries, including third countries outside the European Union as well as Russian Federation, Asian, African and Arabic countries.