KG-MTI Overview


Our success and our philosophy base on three pillars:
III. Passion

Our greatest passion for excellent service is demonstrated in our new interactive trading platform. Our customers can react promptly to our current offers, communicate directly with our team, ask questions in chat and give their bids in real time modus.  Feel free to contact us!
The brands that we deliver guarantee consistent quality standards:

BONIMEX is our premium brand for Asian market.
Bonimex® Belgium BVBA is a meat processing plant in Belgium. The enterprise consists of about 50 employees and has a weekly capacity of appr. 500 - 800 tons.
Chain-Management by monitoring of each production step of processing guarantees a high standard and traceability.  With this product we offer high quality and fulfillment of product requirements for our international clients.


The structure of HAWA® reflects its slogan: „Trade is a basis for good business“. The most important objective of HAWA® is to provide the highest service orientation. Established in 1980 in Hamburg the current structure of HAWA® reflects the slogan:
„Trade is a basis of understanding between nations. “ 
The import of brand products from South America for retail lays a foundation for current trading activities of HAWA®. Nowadays the company is active in over 40 countries. Through opening up of new markets in emerging countries like China or Iran trading company HAWA® is going to extend its existing client base.


In 2002 KG-MTI GmbH showed its concern about upcoming discussion regarding genetic modification of products for quality and profit optimization.As one of the first in its branch KG-MTI GmbH made a decision for establishment of the brand Symbio® for marketing of biological and natural products, which are especially adjusted for retail and foreign trade. Due to increasing interest for natural products with Symbio® we are well-placed for upcoming years and confidently relying upon our Know-How in order to build up competence in this new niche.


The brand Egon® was established in 2013 for promoting traditional German products with high and stable quality on foreign markets.